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We all live on this planet in different, physical locations.

However, I’ve come to realize locations aren’t just physical. We can be in the exact same room as someone, but existing in two, different locations- mentally and emotionally. Creating an invisible distance that starts to generate feelings we can’t quite put a finger on. Yet we feel it in the way the energy in the air thickens, or hearing less because of the pollution of thoughts on our mind. If only we could drop a pin to share where we really are. To know exactly where we stand down to the degree. However, that’s the thing about life…

That location within us is always shifting.

As hard as we try to communicate and share, sometimes the signals go offline. Our “Location not found” comes in the form of losing a sense of control, being confused, or simply breaking down. The past few weeks I’ve been challenged to come to terms with my own emotional location. I believed I was standing at one point, but major life decisions and experiences showed me otherwise. There’s an uncomfortable feeling that comes along with that type of acceptance. Finally being able to process that in the end, I am the only person responsible for where I stand today. I’m starting to realize all the things I neglected as my younger self. My internal voice has grown again and I don’t want to continue on with the precedent I set in the past. When you pay attention to your true location, somewhere along the way you start to re-discover the value of your time, thoughts, and identity.

We’re only a month in and 2024 has pushed me to evaluate so much for myself. I give so much of my heart to other people, situations, and environments in my life. Willingly without question-relocating myself to fit best into the location of their needs. This month showed me how I need to shift my mindset. I’m moving into a season of focusing on being exactly where I want to be. Ensuring my location is secure- mentally, emotionally, and physically. I used to associate prioritizing myself with being selfish, but I realize if I don’t, I start to lose the very essence of what makes me who I am. Relinquishing dreams, dimming my light, and closing myself off from the potential of what could be. I can still love others deeply without shrinking the love I extend to myself. I can still try to meet people where they’re at and support them, without losing my footing. I can still build a life worth living, without sacrificing living the only one I’ve got.

And I owe it to myself to do exactly that.

So the next time you consider your life, think about your metaphorical “location”, from every angle. Also consider that every other person in your life is existing in their own location too. Be honest with yourself and others about where you’re at. You can’t control the outcome of reactions, but it’s worth communicating. We try our best and sometimes we fall short, but there is hope for finding common ground. At the end of the day, you are the person who will always carry and live with every decision you make.

Someday, I aim to reflect on mine and know I gave my best effort to live fulfilled for myself.

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