Professional creative production services rooted in strategically creative execution, custom fit to each client.

Let's do it

now I'm helping others do the same.

This is not a "one-size fits all" approach. Every brand and individual has characteristics specific to who they are. I intentionally take time to understand my clients and capture stories in ways that speak to their true identity.

People are not pawns. They have emotions, care about causes, and feel motivated by different factors.  The first question I ask clients is "Why did you start this project?" Because the foundation of strong storytelling is connecting with people at their core. With over 15 years of training and experience in the art of storytelling, I have discovered my own way of weaving narratives that captivate audiences.

If You Need:

✓ Creative production

Creating warm, inviting atmospheres while guiding events, conversations, and most importantly-making people feel good!

✓ Press Interviews & Features

Showcasing brands and individuals through on-site and digital press coverage to generate awareness through media engagement.

✓ Audio Voiceovers

Serving as a vibrant voice to bring your audio stories and concepts to life through professional voiceover and recording production.

✓ A Live Host or Moderator

Partnering with brands to curate branded, visual concepts to bring their products and experiences to life in new ways through visuals, writing. and websites.



You’re looking to bring a lively, fresh voice and approach to storytelling for your digital brand or live event.

You want to pivot and try new creative direction for how your brand story resonates with your audience base.

Are ready to stop sitting on your brand ideas and want a supportive partner to help bring them to life.

My creative motto:

"It always seems impossible, until it's done."

Some Brands I've created for:

Armani beauty
Valentino beauty
Peppermill resort and casino
whitney peak hotel
wedges & widelegs Boutique
Moonlight lace Boutique
Wyld Women

Show me your mumu
oh glory spa
freestyle clothing exchange
strange bikinis
rue de seine Bridal
one stop eco shop
Santa monica tourism
And more..

what they're saying:

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Shelby both personally and professionally and her passion for her life translates directly to the projects and companies that are lucky enough to work with her. She works at the intersection of strategic / detailed and creative / artistic. I’ve had nothing but joy working with her on several projects.

— Stasia W.,
Senior Director, Paid Media,

"She's a natural at connecting with people and building strong relationships. Shelby's clear communication style makes her an excellent representative for any organization. Shelby excels at streamlining processes, bringing organization and attention to detail to everything she does. Whether crafting creative briefs or overseeing projects, she ensures smooth operations and successful outcomes.

In addition to her process management skills, Shelby's creativity and understanding of the content creation industry make her invaluable. Her innovative ideas consistently bring a fresh perspective to our projects. Beyond her professional impact, Shelby is personally a joy to work with. Her positive attitude, collaborative spirit, and dedication make every project a pleasure. In summary, Shelby is a dynamic professional who not only excels in her role but also brings a delightful energy to the team. I'm confident she'll continue to bring exceptional value to any team or project she takes on."

— Janet S.,
Global Head of DEI

If there is something you're looking for and feel we could be a nice fit, reach out! Even if not, I can surely point you in the right direction and connect you to a practitioner who will get the job done.

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