A creative professional who uses storytelling to keep believing in new possibilities. 

I've seen firsthand how..

A single story can be the catalyst for change.
I believe using my creativity to shine light on stories while celebrating others, is my lane.

If I could speak to my younger self, I would encourage her to use her voice. My fear of speaking up was rooted in believing my thoughts were insignificant.  "Why would someone care about what I want to say?" or "I'm not important enough to make a difference".  The foundation of my creative work is to help people break away from this misconception. When we find the courage to set aside our personal insecurities, talking about our experiences can have a significant impact. We all have the capacity to share extraordinary stories- it simply takes someone being willing to listen. (*taps mic* Hi, that's me!)

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I will admit, I have a massive soft spot for bringing people together. Which is exactly why I do what I do. Stories have the remarkable power to bridge gaps and foster connection. Every piece I create serves the purpose of igniting empathy. Encouraging you to step into someone else's shoes and see the world from a new perspective. I believe we can honor the differences in our lived experiences, and also find commonalities to build community. My goal is to inspire change by sharing stories that challenge norms, question the status quo, and envision a brighter future. If anything, I hope to simply remind people, our differences can sometimes be the key to unlocking our greatest strengths.


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" I am always awestruck by Shelby's approach to innovation and creativity as a writer and marketer. She's an amazing strategic thinker and isn't afraid to ask both easy and difficult questions to tease out the best solutions. As a writer, her prose is always elegant and poised, driving her message across with impact. She's charismatic, bright, and a creative wizard on any team she works on."

Heyden E.
Head of Marketing,
Reno, Nevada

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