Professional life

We are not defined by our jobs. However, my professional career has shaped my personal life, experiences, and connections in ways I'm eternally grateful for.

Current 9-5 Role

Director of Community & Events

I work with the NeuroLeadership Institute team, a global consultancy focused supporting organizations with brain-based behavior change initiatives. As a member of the marketing team, I assist with brand campaigns and lead production for our live webinar show and podcast "Your Brain at Work". I blend strategy and innovation to serve our audiences, while building meaningful relationships. 

12 Years of Experience

Client Account Management
Enterprise solution Sales
Brand Development
Digital Marketing
Creative Strategy & Direction
Content Creation

A Few Past Clients


A commercially minded professional with a style that engages clients and colleagues alike. It was my absolute pleasure to work alongside Shelby who will be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to secure her services. Being a highly talented individual there is so much that can Shelby offer and having witnessed firsthand her dedication, focus, and willingness her presence will be sorely missed.

— Aaron P. - London, UK


Creative Production
 & Media Talent

My ability to approach content creation from both a client and creator perspective allows me to bridge a connection between the industry needs of both. As a professional marketer, I understand the necessity of data-driven promotional messaging. Then, blending my deeper understanding of the industry with strategy, I work to capture brand experiences through tailored, creative storytelling.

Recent Brand Partnerships

The foundation of my career

My passion for this industry comes directly from the impact of storytelling in my own life. My personal development is deeply rooted in having access to powerful stories and anecdotes. As a marketer, I take pride in helping to communicate the ideas and minds at the forefront of shifting our culture. The opportunity to amplify brand missions is a driving factor in my creativity. 

There is something to be said for the voices behind campaigns accurately reflecting a diverse range of human experiences.  Representation is not just important- it is vital to successful storytelling. My work reaches beyond a professional realm and into my own hope for the type of impact I want to have in my career. To show a young girl like I once was, that she can grow up to exist in every space and belongs equally as much as anyone else.

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