My digital community means so much to me! Many of my close friendships over the years started with interacting online. Now we're hanging out here together. Join us in celebrating stories that inspire, heal, and unite, as we build connections through different lanes!

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One of the largest disservices you can do to yourself is suffocating who you are today, to maintain who you used to be. My platform is a place for people to feel inspired to dream about life. A place where you feel comfortable being who you are now, but also feel supported on the path of discovering new versions of yourself. I believe We are capable of creating the life we want to live. We can do it alone, but there is an abundance of power in a supportive community. Find one, or a few of my spaces below, and enjoy. There's always room for you here.

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"Intersections" The Podcast

"Intersections" exists to highlight the crossroads where creativity, passion, and real-life experiences meet. Whether you are a photographer, scientist, artist, chef, entrepreneur, or professional from any field, YOU CREATE SOMETHING! I sit down with people from a variety of backgrounds to dive into the ways in which their lived experiences have shaped their storytelling and unique approach to their craft.


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Our backgrounds may be different, but we all experience similar themes throughout life. The blog is a space for myself and guest writers to reflect on relatable topics. Together, we'll explore new stories, amplify different voices, and create more room for people to feel supported.


Community Events

Unlock the power of meaningful connections through Intersections' experiential events. I partner with brands to curate spaces for people to gather and engage with each other. We dive into real conversations and creating lasting memories in a variety of fun environments from dinner parties to travel experiences.




Professional storytelling services rooted in strategically creative execution, custom fit to each client.

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Shelby is one of the most hardworking and passionate people I know. When she has a vision she uses every possible resource to achieve her goals. Communication and creative storytelling come naturally to her. She can captivate with both words and her kind heart. I am lucky to have been able to work beside her and under her as I have learned from Shelby both professionally and personally. Anyone who comes in contact with Shelby will leave with a smile and a feeling of encouragement. 

Reyna P.
Digital Content Creator,
San Diego

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